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About Us - Code Redirect


How many answers does coderedirect show?

Coderedirect will show top 5 best answers mostly , ordering in most voted first or the correct answer first. If there is only 1 or no answer for a particular query then Coderedirect will only show 1 or no answers.


What is the criteria to add answer in Coderedirect?

You need to add relevant answer to the search term . If the answer is taken from any source , you must mentioned the source else it will be removed due to violation.


How Coderedirect help IT peoples?

Coderedirect redirect the user towards the best accepted solution provided by our members and experts.


What is the correct answer point?

Correct answer is set to be 50 points .


How do I add an answer to Coderedirect?

There are two ways:

1.) Now only registered members can ask for query or they can post answers by signup first then ask for question or post answer.

2.) At the end of the question you can find the link to add answer.


Does my answer show immediately after posting?

No we've added moderation ,once our team has approved it will be show immediately (Max in 24 hrs).


How much does Coderedirect cost?

Learn to code — for free.



If you have a question we are missing reach out to us at Contact Us .