"should my php functions accept an array of arguments or should i explicitly request arguments?" Answer’s


If the system is changing so often that using an indexed array is the best solution, I'd say this is the least of your worries. :-)

In general functions/methods shouldn't take too many arguments (5 plus or minus 2 being the maximum) and I'd say that you should stick to using named (and ideally type hinted) arguments. (An indexed array of arguments only really makes sense if there's a large quantity of optional data - a good example being configuration information.)

As @Pekka says, passing an array of arguments is also liable to be a pain to document and therefore for other people/yourself in 'n' months to maintain.


Incidentally, the oft mentioned book Code Complete examines such issues in quite a bit of detail - it's a great tome which I'd highly recommend.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 11 Months ago
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