"how can i debug why simplest mysql query returns false?" Answer’s


An obligatory update: as mysql ext is no more, here are answers for two remaining MySQL APIs which I written on my site based on the experience from answering 1000s questions on Stack Overflow:

  • How to report errors in mysqli
  • How to connect to MySQL using PDO (with the aim of the proper error reporting).

In short, for mysqi the following line have to be added before mysqli_connect() call:


while for PDO the proper error mode have to be set, for example


As of the old mysql ext,

To get an error from mysql_query() you have to use mysql_error() function.
So always run all your queries this way, at least until you develop a more advanced query handler:

$query = "SELECT * FROM 'users'";
$result = mysql_query($query) or trigger_error(mysql_error()." ".$query);

the problem with your current query is 'users' part. Single quotes have to be used to delimit strings while for the identifiers you have to use backticks:

SELECT * FROM `users`

In order to see these errors during development, add these lines at the top of your code to be sure you can see every error occurred


on the production server, however, the value on the first line should be changed from 1 to 0

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 11 Months ago
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