"what is the php shorthand for: print var if var exist" Answer’s


For PHP >= 5.x:

My recommendation would be to create a issetor function:

function issetor(&$var, $default = false) {
    return isset($var) ? $var : $default;

This takes a variable as argument and returns it, if it exists, or a default value, if it doesn't. Now you can do:

echo issetor($myVar);

But also use it in other cases:

$user = issetor($_GET['user'], 'guest');

For PHP >= 7.0:

As of PHP 7 you can use the null-coalesce operator:

$user = $_GET['user'] ?? 'guest';

Or in your usage:

<?= $myVar ?? '' ?>
Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 11 Months ago
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