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Your array is quite strange : why not just use the key as index, and the value as... the value ?

Wouldn't it be a lot easier if your array was declared like this :

$array = array(
    1 => 'Awaiting for Confirmation', 
    2 => 'Asssigned', 
    3 => 'In Progress', 
    4 => 'Completed', 
    5 => 'Mark As Spam', 

That would allow you to use your values of key as indexes to access the array...

And you'd be able to use functions to search on the values, such as array_search() :

$indexCompleted = array_search('Completed', $array);

$indexSpam = array_search('Mark As Spam', $array);


Easier than with your array, no ?

Instead, with your array that looks like this :

$array = array(
    array('key' => 1, 'value' => 'Awaiting for Confirmation'), 
    array('key' => 2, 'value' => 'Asssigned'), 
    array('key' => 3, 'value' => 'In Progress'), 
    array('key' => 4, 'value' => 'Completed'), 
    array('key' => 5, 'value' => 'Mark As Spam'), 

You'll have to loop over all items, to analyse the value, and unset the right items :

foreach ($array as $index => $data) {
    if ($data['value'] == 'Completed' || $data['value'] == 'Mark As Spam') {

Even if do-able, it's not that simple... and I insist : can you not change the format of your array, to work with a simpler key/value system ?

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 11 Months ago
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