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I can access an array value either with $array[key] or $array['key']

Is there a reason to avoid using one over the other?



Use the latter variant $array['key']. The former will only work because PHP is tolerant and assumes the string value key if there is no constant named key:

Always use quotes around a string literal array index. For example, $foo['bar'] is correct, while $foo[bar] is not. […] This is wrong, but it works. The reason is that this […] has an undefined constant (bar) rather than a string ('bar' - notice the quotes).

See also Array do's and don'ts.

Now in opposite to accessing arrays in plain PHP code, when using variable parsing in double quoted strings you actually need to write it without quotes or use the curly brace syntax:

[…] inside a double-quoted string, it's valid to not surround array indexes with quotes so "$foo[bar]" is valid. See the above examples for details on why as well as the section on variable parsing in strings.


// syntax error
echo "$array['key']";

// valid
echo "$array[key]";
echo "{$array['key']}";
Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 7 Months ago

rename your function to something other than "goto". That is a reserved name.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 7 Months ago

You are using curly quotes.

Replace all the “ ” and ‘ ’ to " and ' respectively.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 7 Months ago

You can access the inactive tags array with (assuming $myArray contains the array)


Your question doesn't seem to go beyond accessing the contents of the inactiveTags key so I can only speculate with what your final goal is.

The first key:value pair in the inactiveTags array is

array ('195' => array(
                 'id' => 195, 
                 'tag' => 'auto')

To access the tag value, you would use

$myArray['inactiveTags'][195]['tag']; // auto

If you want to loop through each inactiveTags element, I would suggest:

foreach($myArray['inactiveTags'] as $value) {
  print $value['id'];
  print $value['tag'];

This will print all the id and tag values for each inactiveTag

Edit:: For others to see, here is a var_dump of the array provided in the question since it has not readible

  'languages' => 
      76 => 
          'id' => string '76' (length=2)
          'tag' => string 'Deutsch' (length=7)
  'targets' => 
      81 => 
          'id' => string '81' (length=2)
          'tag' => string 'Deutschland' (length=11)
  'tags' => 
      7866 => 
          'id' => string '7866' (length=4)
          'tag' => string 'automobile' (length=10)
      17800 => 
          'id' => string '17800' (length=5)
          'tag' => string 'seat leon' (length=9)
      17801 => 
          'id' => string '17801' (length=5)
          'tag' => string 'seat leon cupra' (length=15)
  'inactiveTags' => 
      195 => 
          'id' => string '195' (length=3)
          'tag' => string 'auto' (length=4)
      17804 => 
          'id' => string '17804' (length=5)
          'tag' => string 'coupès' (length=6)
      17805 => 
          'id' => string '17805' (length=5)
          'tag' => string 'fahrdynamik' (length=11)
      901 => 
          'id' => string '901' (length=3)
          'tag' => string 'fahrzeuge' (length=9)
      17802 => 
          'id' => string '17802' (length=5)
          'tag' => string 'günstige neuwagen' (length=17)
      1991 => 
          'id' => string '1991' (length=4)
          'tag' => string 'motorsport' (length=10)
      2154 => 
          'id' => string '2154' (length=4)
          'tag' => string 'neuwagen' (length=8)
      10660 => 
          'id' => string '10660' (length=5)
          'tag' => string 'seat' (length=4)
      17803 => 
          'id' => string '17803' (length=5)
          'tag' => string 'sportliche ausstrahlung' (length=23)
      74 => 
          'id' => string '74' (length=2)
          'tag' => string 'web 2.0' (length=7)
  'categories' => 
      16082 => 
          'id' => string '16082' (length=5)
          'tag' => string 'Auto & Motorrad' (length=15)
      51 => 
          'id' => string '51' (length=2)
          'tag' => string 'Blogosphäre' (length=11)
      66 => 
          'id' => string '66' (length=2)
          'tag' => string 'Neues & Trends' (length=14)
      68 => 
          'id' => string '68' (length=2)
          'tag' => string 'Privat' (length=6)
Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 7 Months ago

I'm just throwing this out there because I think it MAY be useful to you, this is a virtual Java keyboard, modified from some resource I found on the web years ago and which I no longer remember the link to:

import java.awt.AWTException;
import java.awt.Robot;
import java.awt.event.KeyEvent;

public class Keyboard {

    public void main (String[] args) throws InterruptedException {
        while(true) {


    private static Robot robot;
    static Random rand = new Random();

    public Keyboard() throws AWTException {
        this.robot = new Robot();
    public Keyboard(Robot robot) {
        this.robot = robot;
    public void type(CharSequence characters) throws InterruptedException {
        int length = characters.length();
        for (int i = 0; i < length; i++) {
                char character = characters.charAt(i);



    public void type(char character) {
        switch (character) {
        case 'a': doType(KeyEvent.VK_A); break;
        case 'b': doType(KeyEvent.VK_B); break;
        case 'c': doType(KeyEvent.VK_C); break;
        case 'd': doType(KeyEvent.VK_D); break;
        case 'e': doType(KeyEvent.VK_E); break;
        case 'f': doType(KeyEvent.VK_F); break;
        case 'g': doType(KeyEvent.VK_G); break;
        case 'h': doType(KeyEvent.VK_H); break;
        case 'i': doType(KeyEvent.VK_I); break;
        case 'j': doType(KeyEvent.VK_J); break;
        case 'k': doType(KeyEvent.VK_K); break;
        case 'l': doType(KeyEvent.VK_L); break;
        case 'm': doType(KeyEvent.VK_M); break;
        case 'n': doType(KeyEvent.VK_N); break;
        case 'o': doType(KeyEvent.VK_O); break;
        case 'p': doType(KeyEvent.VK_P); break;
        case 'q': doType(KeyEvent.VK_Q); break;
        case 'r': doType(KeyEvent.VK_R); break;
        case 's': doType(KeyEvent.VK_S); break;
        case 't': doType(KeyEvent.VK_T); break;
        case 'u': doType(KeyEvent.VK_U); break;
        case 'v': doType(KeyEvent.VK_V); break;
        case 'w': doType(KeyEvent.VK_W); break;
        case 'x': doType(KeyEvent.VK_X); break;
        case 'y': doType(KeyEvent.VK_Y); break;
        case 'z': doType(KeyEvent.VK_Z); break;
        case 'A': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_A); break;
        case 'B': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_B); break;
        case 'C': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_C); break;
        case 'D': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_D); break;
        case 'E': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_E); break;
        case 'F': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_F); break;
        case 'G': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_G); break;
        case 'H': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_H); break;
        case 'I': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_I); break;
        case 'J': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_J); break;
        case 'K': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_K); break;
        case 'L': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_L); break;
        case 'M': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_M); break;
        case 'N': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_N); break;
        case 'O': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_O); break;
        case 'P': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_P); break;
        case 'Q': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_Q); break;
        case 'R': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_R); break;
        case 'S': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_S); break;
        case 'T': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_T); break;
        case 'U': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_U); break;
        case 'V': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_V); break;
        case 'W': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_W); break;
        case 'X': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_X); break;
        case 'Y': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_Y); break;
        case 'Z': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_Z); break;
        case '`': doType(KeyEvent.VK_BACK_QUOTE); break;
        case '0': doType(KeyEvent.VK_0); break;
        case '1': doType(KeyEvent.VK_1); break;
        case '2': doType(KeyEvent.VK_2); break;
        case '3': doType(KeyEvent.VK_3); break;
        case '4': doType(KeyEvent.VK_4); break;
        case '5': doType(KeyEvent.VK_5); break;
        case '6': doType(KeyEvent.VK_6); break;
        case '7': doType(KeyEvent.VK_7); break;
        case '8': doType(KeyEvent.VK_8); break;
        case '9': doType(KeyEvent.VK_9); break;
        case '-': doType(KeyEvent.VK_MINUS); break;
        case '=': doType(KeyEvent.VK_EQUALS); break;
        case '~': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_BACK_QUOTE); break;
        case '!': doType(KeyEvent.VK_EXCLAMATION_MARK); break;
        case '@': doType(KeyEvent.VK_AT); break;
        case '#': doType(KeyEvent.VK_NUMBER_SIGN); break;
        case '$': doType(KeyEvent.VK_DOLLAR); break;
        case '%': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_5); break;
        case '^': doType(KeyEvent.VK_CIRCUMFLEX); break;
        case '&': doType(KeyEvent.VK_AMPERSAND); break;
        case '*': doType(KeyEvent.VK_ASTERISK); break;
        case '(': doType(KeyEvent.VK_LEFT_PARENTHESIS); break;
        case ')': doType(KeyEvent.VK_RIGHT_PARENTHESIS); break;
        case '_': doType(KeyEvent.VK_UNDERSCORE); break;
        case '+': doType(KeyEvent.VK_PLUS); break;
        case 't': doType(KeyEvent.VK_TAB); break;
        case 'n': doType(KeyEvent.VK_ENTER); break;
        case '[': doType(KeyEvent.VK_OPEN_BRACKET); break;
        case ']': doType(KeyEvent.VK_CLOSE_BRACKET); break;
        case '\': doType(KeyEvent.VK_BACK_SLASH); break;
        case '{': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_OPEN_BRACKET); break;
        case '}': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_CLOSE_BRACKET); break;
        case '|': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_BACK_SLASH); break;
        case ';': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SEMICOLON); break;
        case ':': doType(KeyEvent.VK_COLON); break;
        case ''': doType(KeyEvent.VK_QUOTE); break;
        case '"': doType(KeyEvent.VK_QUOTEDBL); break;
        case ',': doType(KeyEvent.VK_COMMA); break;
        case '<': doType(KeyEvent.VK_LESS); break;
        case '.': doType(KeyEvent.VK_PERIOD); break;
        case '>': doType(KeyEvent.VK_GREATER); break;
        case '/': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SLASH); break;
        case '?': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_SLASH); break;
        case ' ': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SPACE); break;
                throw new IllegalArgumentException("Cannot type character " + character);

    private static void doType(int... keyCodes) {
        doType(keyCodes, 0, keyCodes.length);

    private static void doType(int[] keyCodes, int offset, int length) {
        if (length == 0) {

        doType(keyCodes, offset + 1, length - 1);


To modify this to your needs, you would do:

for(int i = 0; i != 3; ++i) {

The doType(KeyEvent.VK_DOWN); would press down one time, and then also release it.

You would probably insert that after the "So far, so good..." part in your code.

Hope I helped!

Friday, September 24, 2021
Hugo van der Sanden
answered 1 Month ago
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