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I found a good solution on Laracast and added some customization to the mix.

The Code

public function setUp()
    $this->rules     = (new UserStoreRequest())->rules();
    $this->validator = $this->app['validator'];

/** @test */
public function valid_first_name()
    $this->assertTrue($this->validateField('first_name', 'jon'));
    $this->assertTrue($this->validateField('first_name', 'jo'));
    $this->assertFalse($this->validateField('first_name', 'j'));
    $this->assertFalse($this->validateField('first_name', ''));
    $this->assertFalse($this->validateField('first_name', '1'));
    $this->assertFalse($this->validateField('first_name', 'jon1'));

protected function getFieldValidator($field, $value)
    return $this->validator->make(
        [$field => $value], 
        [$field => $this->rules[$field]]

protected function validateField($field, $value)
    return $this->getFieldValidator($field, $value)->passes();


There is an e2e approach to the same problem. You can POST the data to be checked to the route in question and then see if the response contains session errors.

$response = $this->json('POST', 
    ['first_name' => 'S']
Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 11 Months ago
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