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I just started working with Laravel. I need to rewrite a whole system I made some years ago, using Laravel 4 as base framework. In my old system, I used to have a constant.php file with some constants declared, and a globals.php file which contained lots of array sets (for example, categories statuses, type of events, langs, etc.). By doing so, I could use something like

foreach ( $langs as $code => $domain ) {
    // Some stuff

anywhere in my app.

My question is, how can I store that info in the so called "laravel way". I tried using some sort of object to store this info, setting this as a service and creating for it a facade:


namespace PJ;

class Constants {

    public static $langs = [
            'es' => '',
            'en' => '',
            'uk' => '',
            'br' => '',
            'it' => '',
            'de' => '',
            'fr' => ''


namespace PJ;

use IlluminateSupportServiceProvider;

class ConstantsServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider {
    public function register() {
        $this->app->singleton('PJConstants', function() {
            return new Constants;


namespace PJ;

use IlluminateSupportFacadesFacade;

class ConstantsFacade extends Facade {
    protected static function getFacadeAccessor() { 
        return 'PJConstants';


"psr-4": {
     "PJ\": "app/libraries/Project"

and so I access that property as PJConstants::$langs.

This works, but I doubt it is the most efficient or correct way of doing it. I mean, is it the right way to "propagate" a variable by creating a whole Service Provider and facades and all such stuff? Or where should I put this data?

Thanks for any advice.

EDIT # 01

Data I want to pass to all controllers and views can be directly set in script, like in the example at the beginning of my post, but it can also be generated dynamically, from a database for example. This data could be a list of categories. I need them in all views to generate a navigation bar, but I also need them to define some routing patterns (like /category/subcategory/product), and also to parse some info in several controllers (Like get info from the category that holds X product).

My array is something like:

$categories = [
    1 => ['name' => 'General', 'parent' => 0, 'description' => 'Lorem ipsum...'],
    2 => ['name' => 'Nature', 'parent' => 0, 'description' => 'Lorem ipsum...'],
    3 => ['name' => 'World', 'parent' => 0, 'description' => 'Lorem ipsum...'],
    4 => ['name' => 'Animals', 'parent' => 2, 'description' => 'Lorem ipsum...']

Just as an example. Index is the id of the category, and the Value is info associated with the category.

I need this array, also, available in all Controllers and Views.

So, should I save it as a Config variable? How else could I store these data; what would be the best and semantically correct way?



For most constants used globally across the application, storing them in config files is sufficient. It is also pretty simple

Create a new file in the app/config directory. Let's call it constants.php

In there you have to return an array of config values.

return [
    'langs' => [
        'es' => '',
        'en' => ''
        // etc

And you can access them as follows

// or if you want a specific one

And you can set them as well

Config::set('', 'test');

Note that the values you set will not persist. They are only available for the current request.


The config is probably not the right place to store information generated from the database. You could just use an Eloquent Model like:

class Category extends Eloquent {
    // db table 'categories' will be assumed

And query all categories


If the whole Model thing for some reason isn't working out you can start thinking about creating your own class and a facade. Or you could just create a class with all static variables and methods and then use it without the facade stuff.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 7 Months ago

I found an answer that worked for me:

Use fluent instead of eloquent, which will look something like this:

$client = DB::table('clients')->where('group_id', 1)->lists('name');
return View::make('index', compact('client'));

Then in your view just call it inside blade form tags like this:

{{ Form::select('client_id', $client, Input::old('client_id')) }}

@KyleK, thanks for trying to help.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 7 Months ago

The problem is in the usage of the PSR-4 Since Laravel default is PSR-0 it assumes that the resources (views etc) of a package will be 2 levels up from where the package service provider is. Ex:

??? config
??? lang
??? migrations
??? Ghunti
?   ??? Subby
?       ??? SubbyServiceProvider.php
??? routes.php
??? views
    ??? user
        ??? login.blade.php

With PSR-4 the package service provider and the views will be at the same level (and the error "No hint path defined for" will show up:

??? config
??? lang
??? migrations
??? SubbyServiceProvider.php
??? routes.php
??? views
    ??? user
        ??? login.blade.php

To fix this, on the package service provider boot() method, instead of:

public function boot()

we need to specify the resources path (the 3rd parameter)

public function boot()
    //For PSR-4 compatibility we need to specify the correct path (3rd parameter)
    $this->package('ghunti/subby', null, __DIR__);
Saturday, May 29, 2021
answered 5 Months ago

You could also do a

#define kBaseURL @""

in a "constants" header file, say constants.h. Then do

#include "constants.h"

at the top of every file where you need this constant.

This way, you can switch between servers depending on compiler flags, as in:

#ifdef DEBUG
    #define kBaseURL @""
    #define kBaseURL @""
Friday, June 11, 2021
answered 5 Months ago

Create a class constants in your base package folder.

(or create an interface instead of a class so there is no need to reference the class everytime, however this is bad practice due to code readability, but it will work)

Fill it with public static final values.

Moreover, both the class as well as the interface can also be declared as abstract.

Saturday, September 25, 2021
Mawg says reinstate Monica
answered 3 Weeks ago
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