"laravel: where to store global arrays data and constants?" Answer’s


For most constants used globally across the application, storing them in config files is sufficient. It is also pretty simple

Create a new file in the app/config directory. Let's call it constants.php

In there you have to return an array of config values.

return [
    'langs' => [
        'es' => 'www.domain.es',
        'en' => 'www.domain.us'
        // etc

And you can access them as follows

// or if you want a specific one

And you can set them as well

Config::set('foo.bar', 'test');

Note that the values you set will not persist. They are only available for the current request.


The config is probably not the right place to store information generated from the database. You could just use an Eloquent Model like:

class Category extends Eloquent {
    // db table 'categories' will be assumed

And query all categories


If the whole Model thing for some reason isn't working out you can start thinking about creating your own class and a facade. Or you could just create a class with all static variables and methods and then use it without the facade stuff.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 11 Months ago
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