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I've realized that Chrome, it seems, will not allow me to hide <option> in a <select>. Firefox will.

I need to hide the <option>s that match a search criteria. In the Chrome web tools I can see that they are correctly being set to display: none; by my JavaScript, but once then <select> menu is clicked they are shown.

How can I make these <option>s that match my search criteria NOT show when the menu is clicked? Thanks!



You have to implement two methods for hiding. display: none works for FF, but not Chrome or IE. So the second method is wrapping the <option> in a <span> with display: none. FF won't do it (technically invalid HTML, per the spec) but Chrome and IE will and it will hide the option.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I already implemented this in jQuery:

jQuery.fn.toggleOption = function( show ) {
    jQuery( this ).toggle( show );
    if( show ) {
        if( jQuery( this ).parent( 'span.toggleOption' ).length )
            jQuery( this ).unwrap( );
    } else {
        if( jQuery( this ).parent( 'span.toggleOption' ).length == 0 )
            jQuery( this ).wrap( '<span class="toggleOption" style="display: none;" />' );

EDIT 2: Here's how you would use this function:

jQuery(selector).toggleOption(true); // show option
jQuery(selector).toggleOption(false); // hide option

EDIT 3: Added extra check suggested by @user1521986

Tuesday, June 1, 2021
answered 7 Months ago

I have managed to fix this by doing something that feels unnatural and hacky:

function fadeIn (elem, fn) {
  var $elem = $(elem);


  // Smelly, setTimeout fix
  setTimeout(function () {
  }, 0);

  $elem.on(transitionEndEvent, function () {


    if (typeof fn === 'function') {

Adding the setTimeout function to the class that contains the transition-able property fixes the issue.

Working code here: Codepen fixed code

Saturday, August 14, 2021
answered 4 Months ago
// Needed to read the "real" position
$.fn.adjustedPosition = function() {
    var p = $(this).position();
    return {
        left: p.left -'dx'),
        top: -'dy')

$(function() { 

    var img = $('img'),

    // Calculate the delta
    img.each(function() {
        var po = $(this).position(), // original position
            pr = $(this).addClass('rot').position(); // rotated position

            dx: pr.left - po.left, // delta X
            dy: - // delta Y

    // Read the position
    pos = img.adjustedPosition();    
    alert(pos.left + '/' +;     

    // Write the position

    // Read the position again
    pos = img.adjustedPosition();    
    alert(pos.left + '/' +;


Live demo:

So what is going on here:

  1. The CSS code that rotates the image is stored inside a special CSS class. I do this because I want to read the original position of the image (before rotating). Once I read that original position, I apply the .rot class, and then read the position again to calculate the difference (delta), which is stored inside the element's data().

  2. Now, I can read the position via the custom method adjustedPosition (which is defined above). This method will read the position of the element and then subtract the delta values stored inside the data() of the element.

  3. To write the position, just use the css(pos) method like normally.

Sunday, August 15, 2021
answered 4 Months ago
<%= select_tag 'team_id', options_from_collection_for_select(@teams, "id", "name") %>

      $('#team_id').bind('change', function () {
         var url = "/Teamleader/" + $(this).val()
          if (url) {
          return false;
Tuesday, November 2, 2021
answered 1 Month ago

First The logical steps are:
1- both lists have to be same data exact (value and text) to be able for swapping.
2- Add the Click event Handler to the button. as following..

Second the Code:


$(document).ready(function() {
    $(".select-swap").on('click', function (ev) {

function swaper () {
    var co=$(".airport-select__departure").val();


<div class="select-wrapper">
    <select class="airport-select__departure">
        <option value='1' selected>London(LGW)</option>
        <option value='2'>New York(JFK)</option>
        <option value='3'>Paris(SHG)</option>
        <option value='4'>Vancouver(VAI)</option>
    <button class="select-swap">&nbsp;</button>
<select class="airport-select__arrival">
    <option value='1'>London(LGW)</option>
    <option value='2' selected>New York(JFK)</option>
    <option value='3'>Paris(SHG)</option>
    <option value='4'>Vancouver(VAI)</option>
Monday, November 15, 2021
answered 3 Weeks ago
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