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For example:

<iframe name="Stack" src="" width="740"
        frameborder="0" scrolling="no" id="iframe"> ...

I want it to be able to adjust its height according to the contents inside it, without using scroll.



Add this to your <head> section:

  function resizeIframe(obj) { = obj.contentWindow.document.documentElement.scrollHeight + 'px';

And change your iframe to this:

<iframe src="..." frameborder="0" scrolling="no" onload="resizeIframe(this)" />

As found on sitepoint discussion.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021
answered 7 Months ago

Warning: Do not use this in production code!

As a workaround, you can switch off certificate validation. Only ever do this to obtain confirmation that the error is being throw because of a bad certificate.

Call this method before you call smtpclient.Send():

    [Obsolete("Do not use this in Production code!!!",true)]
    static void NEVER_EAT_POISON_Disable_CertificateValidation()
        // Disabling certificate validation can expose you to a man-in-the-middle attack
        // which may allow your encrypted message to be read by an attacker
        ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback =
            delegate (
                object s,
                X509Certificate certificate,
                X509Chain chain,
                SslPolicyErrors sslPolicyErrors
            ) {
                return true;
Tuesday, June 1, 2021
answered 7 Months ago

I ended up using an object tag instead of an iframe, it seems to work ok across modern browsers.

<object type="text/html" data=""></object>

It turns out you can't modify the URL using javascript in IE9, but that's not a big deal - removing/adding a new object element works just as well for this.

Update: This tag can also be in an intermediate page that the iframe points to and it all works fine Update 2: This solution does not work in IE10

Friday, July 30, 2021
Ramy Al Zuhouri
answered 5 Months ago

Edit: I added the constructor in the 0.2.0. With that you should be able to build you app ;-).

Dynamic tile sizes

First comment: For now with StaggeredGridView, the layout and the children rendering are completely independant. So as @rmtmckenzie said, you will have to get the image size to create your tiles. Then you can use StaggeredTile.count constructor with a double value for the mainAxisCellCount parameter: new StaggeredTile.count(x, x*h/w) (where h is the height of your image and w its width. So that the tile with have the same aspect ratio as your image.

What you want to accomplish will need more work because you want to have an area below the image with some information. For that I think you will have to compute the real width of your tile before creating it and use the StaggeredTile.extent constructor.

I understand this is not ideal and I'm currently working on a new way to create the layout. I hope it will help to build scenarios like yours.

Sunday, August 8, 2021
Elijah W. Gagne
answered 4 Months ago

addEventListener() function needs 3 arguments! Take a look at

The 3rd argument is marked as optional, but then they write:

Note that this parameter is not optional in all browser versions.

I'm not sure when and where it is required, but my tests on FF4 threw an exception when calling the addEventListener with 2 arguments:

uncaught exception: [Exception... "Not enough arguments" nsresult: "0x80570001 (NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS)" location: "JS frame :: http://localhost/index.php :: :: line 10" data: no]

By the way, your code works well in Chrome [the string loaded! is logged in console].

Like FF, IE9 needs the 3rd argument in the standards mode (with <!DOCTYPE html>). IE9 is the first IE that supports W3C's event model. So in the earlier versions we need to try attachEvent. I don't have earlier IEs, but it worked in IE7/8 Standards Mode and even in Quirks Mode in IE9. Here is the code I used:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        var iframe = document.createElement('iframe');
        var func = function() { console.log('loaded!');};
            iframe.addEventListener('load', func, true);
        else if(iframe.attachEvent)
Monday, September 6, 2021
Sebastian Hoffmann
answered 3 Months ago
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