"how to chain method on a newly created object?" Answer’s


In PHP 5.4+, the parser's been modified so you can do something like this

(new Foo())->xyz();

Wrap the instantiation in parenthesis, and chain away.

Prior to PHP 5.4, when you're using the

new Classname();

syntax, you can't chain a method call off the instantiation. It's a limitation of PHP 5.3's syntax. Once an object is instantiated, you can chain away.

One method I've seen used to get around this is a static instantiation method of some kind.

class Foo
    public function xyz()
        echo "Called","n";
        return $this;

    static public function instantiate()
        return new self();

$a = Foo::instantiate()->xyz();

By wrapping the call to new in a static method, you can instantiate a class with method call, and you're then free to chain off that.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 11 Months ago
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