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I'm trying to run the following query, and I'm having trouble with the wildcard.

   function getStudents() {
        global $db;
        $users = array();
        $query = $db->prepare("SELECT id, adminRights FROM users WHERE classes LIKE ? && adminRights='student'");
        $query->bind_param('s', '%' . $this->className . '%');
        $query->bind_result($uid, $adminRights);
        while ($query->fetch()) {
            if (isset($adminRights[$this->className]) && $adminRights[$this->className] == 'student')
                $users[] = $uid;
        return $users;

I'm getting an error that states: Cannot pass parameter 2 by reference. The reason I need to use the wildcard is because the column's data contains serialized arrays. I guess, if there's an easier way to handle this, what could I do?

Thanks in advance!



You have to pass parameters to bind_param() by reference, which means you have to pass a single variable (not a concatenated string). There's no reason you can't construct such a variable specifically to pass in, though:

$className = '%' . $this->className . '%';
$query->bind_param('s', $className);
Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 7 Months ago

Please chenge your code like below and check:-

//$stmt= $mysqli->stmt_init(); comment this line
$stmt = $mysqli->prepare("Select username FROM users where username= ? AND activationid= ?") or die( $mysqli->error);

And for second one same :-

$stmt = $mysqli->prepare("UPDATE users SET active=yes where username = ?") or die($mysqli->error);

Note:- Please take care that your variables are properly defined and set. thanks.

Saturday, May 29, 2021
answered 5 Months ago

you want the following:

$start = 1; $postsPerPage = 1;
$sql = "SELECT id, title, author, LEFT(description, 40) AS excerpt, 
               image_small, image_med, date 
        FROM posts 
        ORDER BY id DESC 
        LIMIT ?, ?";

$stmt = $connect->prepare($sql) or die ('error');
$stmt->bind_param('ii', $start, $postsPerPage);
$stmt->bind_result($id, $title, $author, $excerpt, $image_small, $image_med, $date);

while($stmt->fetch()) {
  printf('<h1>%s</h1><p>%s <small> by %s on %s</small></p>',

this binds both question marks to integer (i) values of $start and $postsPerPage. do NOT use variables directly in prepared statements, because that would defeat the whole purpose of prepared statements (apart from eliminating parsing time)

Saturday, May 29, 2021
answered 5 Months ago

If that really is your code, it may be that either $_POST["name"] or $_POST["password"] is an array, so that bind_param binds more than just one value.


Friday, July 30, 2021
answered 3 Months ago

The way stored procedures work with prepared statements is a bit more complicated. PHP manual states that you've got to use session variables (MySQL sessions, not PHP)

INOUT/OUT parameter

The values of INOUT/OUT parameters are accessed using session variables.

So you could do it with

// bind the first parameter to the session variable @uid
$stmt = $connect->prepare('SET @uid := ?');
$stmt->bind_param('s', $uid);

// bind the second parameter to the session variable @userCount
$stmt = $connect->prepare('SET @userCount := ?');
$stmt->bind_param('i', $userCount);

// execute the stored Procedure
$result = $connect->query('call IsUserPresent(@uid, @userCount)');

// getting the value of the OUT parameter
$r = $connect->query('SELECT @userCount as userCount');
$row = $r->fetch_assoc();               

$toRet = ($row['userCount'] != 0);


I recommend to rewrite this procedure as a function with one IN parameter that returns INT.

Thursday, August 5, 2021
answered 3 Months ago
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