"regular expression to collect everything after the last /" Answer’s


This matches at least one of (anything not a slash) followed by end of the string:



  • No parens because it doesn't need any groups - result goes into group 0 (the match itself).
  • Uses + (instead of *) so that if the last character is a slash it fails to match (rather than matching empty string).

But, most likely a faster and simpler solution is to use your language's built-in string list processing functionality - i.e. ListLast( Text , '/' ) or equivalent function.

For PHP, the closest function is strrchr which works like this:

strrchr( Text , '/' )

This includes the slash in the results - as per Teddy's comment below, you can remove the slash with substr:

substr( strrchr( Text, '/' ), 1 );
Wednesday, March 31, 2021
answered 10 Months ago
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